About Us

Become the Change You Seek to Succeed.

My Source Entrepreneur helps entrepreneurs to open and expand their businesses with a focus on the brand, administration and attitude through training and business coaching, which creates entrepreneurs who are confident in making decisions that help them to be leaders in their market.

What We Value



Knowledge is key to success, by training people we contribute to self-sufficiency.


Empowering Individuals

We believe that everyone can achieve their business and life dream. We are here to provide the resources and expertise to do so.


Quality Work

We will strive for perfection to deliver quality work and maintain customers satisfied.


Community and Collaboration

We value the knowledge and resources within the community, and through collaboration we can obtain higher results.


Meet your Coaches

Rocio Encarnacion, MS

With over 15  years of experience in business development and business management.   Rocio allows clients to become purposely goal-minded through assessments and guidance to improve interpersonal skills and obtain business goals.   Her business coaching helps individuals find balance.

Rocio along with Josephina opened her own food business, named Cafe de Gemelli, which today is Mi Casa Su Casa Cafe.  Also, she has been a consultant for other projects in the food industry, including coffee shops, restaurants, and a cooking school with a dining experience. This has allowed her to learn about the importance of developing a concept for the food business, menu development, administration, and marketing.  

Her experience in workforce development drives her approach to Pennsylvania Careerlink.  Her coaching has helped more than 300 clients create career paths that match their quality of life goals.  She provided direction in career decision-making based on clients’ work experience and educational purposes. Through My Source Entrepreneurs, her business coaching approach is to provide entrepreneurs knowledge on entering the business arena,  stress management, and problem-solving skills. She develops training and curricula in the areas of self-improvement, and technology skills.  She has trained entrepreneurs in areas of business management, leadership, and confidence. Her background is in the IT industry and earned a Master’s in Computer Information Systems Management from the University of Phoenix, AZ. Rocio is a certified Executive Leadership, Meditation, and Spiritual Life Coach.

Josephina Encarnacion, MBA, MS

For over 15 years, Josephina has worked with organizations and individuals, helping them to build their dreams, grow their businesses and create richer, more fulfilling lives. Josephina Encarnacion is a business instructor, a life coach, and a grounded expert in small business start-ups and business expansion with a value growth intention-driven mindset. 

Josephina has worked with many entrepreneurs within the food industry.  She has helped entrepreneurs with projects with the food industries which have included budgets of 6 to 7 figures.  These projects include restaurants, supermarkets, and grocery stores.   She assisted with business plans, financial projections, and policies and procedures.

She has a background in human resources, business management and entrepreneurship training and development. She holds two Masters’ Degree one in Business Administration from Alvernia University in PA and another in Human Resources from Capella University in Minnesota.  She’s been a speaker at the Small Business Development Center of PA, Berks County Latino Chamber of Commerce, Greater Reading Chamber Alliance, National Diversity Congress, and community events. She has offered workshops to individuals and organizations and groups around Berks County. She has personally coached over 150 clients in small business development, communications, and leadership.  Josephina is a certified Holistic and Spiritual Coach and Meditation Facilitator.

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