Training and Development

Training and Development

My Source Entrepreneur recognizes that continual learning ensures a competent workforce and great leaders. We provide training to entrepreneurs, managers, supervisors and employees to acquire and improve skills that will keep them competent in their industries. Our training can be customize to meet the needs of your company and employees. Contact Us to get started.

We provide the following trainings:


Purchase Control and Inventory

In this course participants will learn to implement the correct procedure to control the area of ​​purchases and inventories. We will teach participants to identify the key points to avoid leaks and losses in the process of purchase and production and thus improve the operation of their food service. What participants will learn:

  • How to calculate cost of goods sold
  • How to calculate batch recipe and menu item costs
  • How to manage inventory in their venue
  • How to manage portion control in the kitchen
  • How to reduce food waste and kitchen theft
  • How to negotiate with vendors for the best deal
  • How to use a food order guide

Customer Service and Client Satisfaction

In this course participants will identify the key points to offer a quality service to customers and the importance of providing first class care to be successful in their work. Participants will learn the most effective sales techniques to increase the income in the restaurant or food service and the necessary tools so that the customer service is first class. What participants will learn:

  • How to know their client
  • Standardize processes for the provision of services
  • Have an adequate communication and handling of complaints
  • Negotiate and resolve conflicts with your external and internal clients
  • Provides guidelines for business owners to gain leadership in the industry
    and achieve work teams that meet business and quality objectives in the short, medium and long term.
  • Tools (customer surveys and self-assessment booklets) easy application that seek permanent monitoring of the quality provided by the company and its continuous improvement.

Operations Manual

In this course participants will learn the importance of having an operations manual in their business, which is based on creating a system of routine procedures. We will teach participants how to translate into a system everything that is done step by step in their business, in such a way that it becomes a standard and can be followed to the letter. What participants will learn:

  • How to document procedures in writing.
  • How create an outline of all of the standard operating procedures to be included.
  • How to write an introduction that speaks directly to the people who will use the manual.
  • How to outline the steps involved in completing the task, then go back and write out the details for each step.

Design and Menu Planning

In this course participants will understand the importance of the menu as a sales and promotion tool for their restaurant or catering business. We will show participants the steps they must follow to design and plan their restaurant’s menu in such a way that it will be pleasant and functional for their clients, plus they will know the secrets to have a selling menu. What participants will learn:

  • Develop an understanding of the procedures and best practices associated with menu planning.
  • Identify and discuss the elements of proper menu planning, including ordering, conversion, and food preferences.
  • Assess the importance of nutrition, and understand how it relates to the menu planning process.
  • Explain various other concepts relevant to menu planning, including marketing strategies, cost-controls, and the life cycle of the menu.

Marketing for Food Service Business Owners

This course participants will learn why marketing is essential for the growth of your restaurant.
We will teach participants how to use the most effective tools to promote their restaurant/food services and design a strategic plan to compete in the current market. What participants will learn:

  • Understand the needs of our consumers and how to reach them, corresponding with their product and service.
  • How to use social media marketing to build customers and increase sales.
  • Learn how to carry out a marketing plan and the corresponding action plan, analyzing all its stages (market study, carrying out the SWOT analysis and its interpretation, study of the competition, market segmentation)



training and development

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