Business Training

Business Training

My Source Entrepreneur recognizes that continual learning ensures a competent workforce and great leaders. We provide training to entrepreneurs, managers, supervisors and employees to acquire and improve skills that will keep them competent in their industries. Our training can be customize to meet the needs of your company and employees. Contact Us to get started.

We also believe that providing training to entrepreneurs to acquire or enhance their skills will help grow our economic development. We have the following seminars:

Effective Administration for Small Businesses

Effective Administration for Small Businesses is a business vision seminar with an internal analysis of the business, referring to the management of women and men and the way they manage their businesses. The seminar emphasizes the methodological principle of learning-hands-on, through which participants, while developing new skills, analyze their business, incorporating analytical and accounting tools.

Creating a Business Brand that Sells for the Success of Entrepreneurs

This seminar will help you see the marketing of your brand in a simple way and you will get a clear message for your customers through a marketing plan that will result in successful sales of your product or service. Through this seminar, we will help you create a marketing plan so that your customers memorize why they need your product or service.

Self-esteem in Women Entrepreneurs

This seminar is for women who want to achieve success and goals by expanding the mind and self-confidence. Let’s connect our mental and emotional skills to reach and accelerate our professional growth.

How to Achieve Successful Entrepreneurship Maintaining a Personal Balance

This workshop is for professional or entrepreneurial people who need tools that will help you manage time, your actions and your emotional health. With this workshop you will learn key steps to achieve your professional goals and obtain personal satisfaction.

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