Website Design Services

My Source Entrepreneur provides Website Design Services for Small Businesses. Whether you have a website or want to create a website for your business, our services can provide what you need. We will have a conversation with you to understand your idea, or what you want to improve. It is our intention to work with you every step of the way, to ensure that you are satisfied with the final product. Contact Us to get started.

We offer the following website design services:

Website Design

Have you thought about a website for your business? Promoting your business and keeping a presence on the Internet is important. A professional website design will keep you relevant in this digital age, promote your services and products. We will work with you to design a website that will capture your brand and showcase your business online. Our Design Process will help you understand each stage of website design. Our process includes:

  • IDEA –We will take your idea and your specifications.

  • DESIGN –Sketch a design for your approval.

  • CODING –Use HTML,CSS, Bootstrap, and WordPress to develop your website

  • LAUNCH –Your website for your audience to use.

  • MAINTENANCE –Update content, upload pictures and videos, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you want customers to find you on the Internet? Having a website won’t cut it, SEO is important to increase the number of visitors to your site. To increase your online traffic, we will work on the following to implement an SEO strategy

  • Understand your audience

  • Research Keywords

  • Revise and improve your website content

  • Build links and authority

  • Utilize SEO Internet browser tools.

Website Maintenance

Do you need to update your webpages with text, images, or videos? After creating a website, you will need to update its contents, as well as update plugins. We are here to help you all the way. If you need more, such as adding new pages, photo gallery or more functionalities we can assist you with that too. Our service include, but not limited too:

  • Overall site improvements

  • Product/service updates

  • Update photos

  • Change content on the home page

  • Ecommerce specials

Content Development

Do you need content for your website? If you are not sure what content to provide we will work with you to develop or enhance your ideas. Some of the strategies that we will work with you are:

  • Setting clear goals and managing expectations

  • Creating a content inventory

  • Identifying content needs

  • Change content on the home page

  • Managing development