Translation Services (English and Spanish)

We provide professional translation services for your industry from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. My Source Entrepreneur provides a reliable process to ensure correct meaning of your information, and meet your deadline.

Your information is secure with us, we use a high level of security when transmitting and storing your file. We do not store credit card information.

We have a confidentiality agreement policy that our staff sign. Your files are only visible to professionals that are part of the translation project.

We can translate and proofread:

  • Business General

  • CV (Resumes)

  • Finance

  • Gaming / Video Games

  • Legal

  • Marketing and Media

  • Medical

  • Mobile Applications

  • Patents

  • Software and Websites

  • Hospitality and Tourism

Quality Assurance

We ensure quality with your translation by having other native – speaking translator review the work. Through this process we reduce the number of errors and mistakes, and strive for zero errors.

Our pricing

You pay according to the number of words in the source text. Our price is $25.00 per page (250 words) for all industry – specific expertise. If the document is less than 250, our pricing is $0.21 per word. A translation can be of any size: from a banner ad or 500 pages of a handbook.

If you desire your translated document to be formatted as the original, there is an additional charge per hour.

Easy Process

  • Provide us with your information

  • Upload your file

  • We will provide you with a quote

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