Human Resources Consultation

Our human resources consultation will provide strategies to help your organizational success through development and review of trainings, policies, job descriptions and more. We offer services to increase efficiency, build a positive experience in the workplace, and obtain superior workforce. Contact Us to get started.

We offer the following Human Resources Consultation services:

Employee Handbooks/Policies

An employee handbook provides many benefits to an employer. First, it details information about work expectations, benefits, and time management. Second, it protects the employer by setting policies for harassment, discrimination, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Third, it is a guide for managers and supervisors to implement and enforce policies. We help you develop a new employee handbook or review an existing version.

Policy/Procedure Development and Review

Policies and Procedures provide employees with information about their individual and team roles. How to handle tasks within the company, and what actions to take when issues arise. It maintains a standard to handle similar situations. We can help you develop and review policies and procedures to maintain your business practices in compliance with employment laws.

Job Analysis/Job Descriptions

We prepare job descriptions that enable true comparisons of job duties and wage rates. In addition, it will help acquire competent employees by presenting the exact requirements that you seek in your company. We make sure that job descriptions are compliant with applicable legislation such as the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Recruiting & Retention Strategies

What you want in your business is to be able to identify and retain the best talent. My Source Entrepreneur can develop strategies and techniques that will assist you in hiring the most qualified candidates. Also, develop retention strategies to manage employee turnover, increase performance and productivity and the relationship between management and employees.