Personal Growth Practices For Your Small Business Success

Personal Growth Practices For Your Small Business Success

Personal growth impacts the success of your small business. We will present to you five practices that you can implement that will help you expand your being and your knowledge.  

1. Help other people to be successful, you will feel happy. 

Does it give you satisfaction to help other people improve and succeed? Albert Schweitzer, theologian, writer, philosopher, and humanitarian, says that “The purpose of human life is to serve and show compassion and a willingness to help others.” According to a study from the University of Pittsburg, helping others directly reduces fear and stress levels and increases overall well-being.

When you help and do it from the heart, and genuinely, a chemical is produced in your brain called endorphins. It is the euphoria that you feel that is called Helper’s HIgh. It is a positive emotional state that we feel when we help others.  

How can you do it? You can volunteer in an organization, help a colleague, a friend, or a neighbor, donate items to those in need, and there are many more ways. What I do promise you is that you will feel good when you contribute something of yourself that helps another human being.

2. Gain knowledge

  • If you are not evolving, you are not growing, so read a book or listen to one. It is an excellent place to start. They can be books in the field of your business, human resources, how to be more organized, how they can be books that help you think about your spiritual and emotional growth. 
  • Go to training, attend events where you can share with people who are in your industry as well as listen to experts. These events will expose you to new ideas and new systems that you can implement in your small business, which will help you increase the value of your company.
  • Invest in your growth. If you want to grow, you have to invest in your learning. But not only you, but you also invest in the development of your employees. It allows you to be more aware and focused on what should be the best version of you. By doing so, you present yourself as a leader to your team of employees and your customers.

3. Stay in challenge

Being bored is the worst thing that can happen to you in your business. Stay focused on your mission and vision. Work on having daily goals. Include your employees and ask them questions about how they think their tasks can be done better. Looking for ways to improve your operations, how can you improve a process? But always keep in mind that everything you do must be aligned with your vision. 

4. Take time for yourself

Some studies show that 90% of executives wake up before 6 am. So let’s get up early if your business allows it. This will give you time to exercise, check your email, eat a good breakfast, and be ready to start the day at your company.  

But, if you can’t in the morning, then find the time when you can be alone. And you can focus on yourself, your exercises, meditation, your spirituality, your emotions, etc. Loneliness is an advantage in the morning or at another time. It is your time that allows you to focus on yourself and acquire energy that helps you increase your success and your business.  

5. Focus on your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical growth.

The more you focus on these areas, the more you expand as a human being. And at the same time, you impact your small business in a positive way.

How can you achieve balance in these dimensions? We can spend hours talking about this topic because it is vast. But some examples are exercises, readings, walking in nature, meditation, going on vacation, meeting with your friends and family, and looking for activities that help you feel good. Despite the challenges that may arise in your business, these are four dimensions that we must pay more attention to.

When you focus on the things that make you feel good, you are more energized and creative? Remember that your business is an extension of you. Your growth and personal balance affect your business. Where you go, your business goes too.

Rocio Encarnacion, Business Growth Educator

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