Hiring the right people
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Now that you are ready to open your business, you need to find the right people to help you operate your business.   There are certain things to take in mind to help you accomplish this task.

Job Description

Before you begin the search for candidates, it is important to develop job descriptions for the positions that you have.   A job description will provide clear information about the skills, education, training, and responsibilities of the position.

It allows you to screen out applicants that do not fit the job description.  Furthermore, it will help you select the best candidates for interviews; and it is one of the tools to use to evaluate an employee performance.

Interviewing Skills

An interview is a conversation where you are trying to find out if the candidate has the right personality for the job.   The interview environment should be relaxing for both the interviewee and the interviewer.

The interview is not only about you finding information about the candidate, but it is also about the candidate finding information about you.   At the end, compatibility goes both ways.

Some tips:

  •         Be organized and prepared
  •         Be polite and cordial
  •         Listen and be objective
  •         Treat all candidates the same
  •         Thank the candidate when interview is over

Ask the right questions

Do some research, find fitting with the job description and your ideal employee. Prepare your questions, and ask the same questions to all candidates applying for the position.  This will help you with evaluation and decrease discrimination claims.  In addition, make sure you stay away from comments and questions related to Age, sex, race, national origin, or religion ,Marital or familial status, Disabilities, health status Or any other job-irrelevant factor .

You are looking for compatibility, in aspects of personality, skills, and training.  If you don’t ask the right questions you end up hiring the wrong person; which means you spent money on training, and now you have to let them go.

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