Business Management Skills for Food Business Start Up

2 hrs


Rocio Encarnacion, MS
Business Growth Educator
Josephina Encarnacion, MBA MSHR
Business Growth Educator

Do you know that the food business industry is one where you can enter quickly, but you won’t last for long if you do not have the proper setup from the beginning?

Learn from Small Business Development Center Consultants. Take this course and become a successful food business/restaurant owner.

The biggest mistake most food entrepreneurs make when building their businesses is—- They do not plan their business to understand their requirements, finances, administration, and market so that they can build a profitable business from day one.

  • 60% of food companies FAIL in the first year.
  • 80% GIVE UP before their 5 year anniversary.

This course serves as a platform for building a business around your passion and a clear roadmap for you to start your own food business. Starting a new one or acquiring a food business is a huge process.

There are several steps you must take to start your business and to have a successful opening. Months and months of careful planning are essential. We will provide a complete overview of everything you might need to launch your business tomorrow.

Within these points will talk about the license and permit requirements including the development of your concept, your menu, purchase of equipment, inventory, acquisition of target customers, location, promotion, and the management of your business to ensure that it remains fun, lucrative. and successful.

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