Brenda Rivera

Social Entrepreneur

Encarnacion was the emotional growth and
professional. I really liked the training self-esteem for women entrepreneurs.
Helped recognize our fears to turn them into fortresses. The program of small businesses was also part of a foundation to continue my growth in my work area and expand a vision to help
our Spanish-speaking population.

Lourdes Peralta

Sarai Variety Flower Shop

My experience with Rocío and Josephina Encarnación
gives me the platform to succeed as an enterprising. The workshops and tutorials taught me to think strategically about my business. Is rewarding to find people who train with the passion that these two ladies demonstrate. I have no words to thank you for what I have learned. Thanks for educating and inspiring entrepreneurs like me.

Dhariana Strickler

Dhary Fit Challenge

Business and personal mentoring with Josephina has helped me internalize my purpose. We all need a coach in different areas of our lives and having Josephina as a mentor has made me discover my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical balance. I feel like an unstoppable woman focused on my personal and business success. I feel like wonder woman.

Rosaury Mota

Luxus Boutique

Rocío and Josephina Encarnación are two beings wonderful both personally and professionally. In the course of eight weeks
for entrepreneurs, they train you with all the tools to expand or start your business. As a business coach, Josephina is super skillful. Since I took the workshop and had regular training with her, my business has changed positively.

Leopoldo Sanchez

Super Natural Produce Supermarket

Since the beginning of my project, Super Natural Produce Supermarket III, Josephina offered me her services for my business plan and became one of my
advisers on this project. Her assistance helped me make financial decisions to achieve my goals with my business. Josephina Encarnacion is a person
who likes to help and see her clients fulfill their visions of success.

Raquel Capellan


Josephina and Rocio did a spectacular job during this seminar on personal self-esteem. They both have a lot of passion and they show it when they talk about different topics that are related to motivating and helping people reach different levels of professional, emotional growth and more.